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Best decision you can make in order to stimulate your memory, makes you focus on the information and makes all areas of brain activity work on your profit on the edge of efficiency. The main effect is caused by a mix of amino acids, vitamins and other certain details which create a strong base for your effective brain functions. The treatment creates conditions for healthy nootropic stimulation without any side effects. Such kind of improvement could be your chance for success.

  • Stimulate your memory for best results
  • Make your brain speed faster
  • Get the concentration without distracting factor
  • Get readiness before important events
  • Destroy tiredness
  • Do your best in every turn of your life
  • Forget about brain fog
  • Avoid mental disorders
  • Activate your skills and get new decisions
  • Get new skills and knowledge easily
Just get your life into your arms and make the right decision. This offer will create your future and you are worth it. Don’t want to miss a chance?! So, just push the button and follow the instruction. And one more thing – welcome to the new world, full of joy and pleasure of being smart.
You shouldn’t worry about your health because everything we used in our composition is natural. The main idea was to create an exclusive mix, which will be safe for health status even after a long time of use. This opportunity appeared only after natural mix invention. Every grade of pill’s influence is just another step to the mental perfection. Tests showed that there are no side effects and its influence is pretty soft. It means that there is no stress for your health at all. On the basis of this information, after a huge number of successful tests, there are already no doubts in its safeness.
Brain Boost
By the help of inside neuron chains fortification, it helps repair broken processes and protect every newborn one. Every damaged piece is going to be fixed on the base of nutrition prosperity. You will be able to get a structured information without any inconvenience in every part of the day. All of the conditions help to create the best health status.
  • You have enough stamina and you can control physical status
  • No more problems with misunderstanding
  • Your efficiency does not depend on your tiredness
  • Every work is nothing more than just an additional stimulation, which takes energy and turns it into experience
  • You get concentration and control it all day long
  • Imagination stimulation
St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

This component is the most important one because it includes Tannins, essential oil, β-sitosterol, triterpene saponins, vitamins C, E, flavonoids (hyperoside, rutin), anthraquinones, macro- and microelements and other biologically active substances. It is well-known since the ancient times because it helps to avoid a large list of possible diseases. It shows amazing results in gastrointestinal diseases area and brings support during mental disorders condition.

The main effect is repairing of damage which appeared after stresses or other kinds of mental influence. The main influence of pill composition is on the amentoflavone effect. It helps block negative influence and protect neuronal chains from all possible damage.

Bacopa Monnieri (Waterhyssop)

This herb is an amazing treatment which ancient people used for their memory stimulation. The main effect becomes to be possible at the base of Bacosides – special substance which is possible to take out of herb with the help of certain method. The effect is possible by the choline-acetylase activity increasing. It helps to create the release of acetylcholine and as the result, nerve cells are under the protection.

It is an amazing detail of composition and it can’t be replaced by anything else because even the closest to it herb can’t show even 15% of its efficiency.

Acetyl-L Carnitine

This element is one of the most important connectors between other parts of them. It is a kind of guide which help to create straight direction and protect health. Another main idea is to use it for weight loss support. Overweight could be the main barrier in the way of successful brain stimulation because the body can’t use new came nutrition. With the help of Acetyl-L Carnitine, body starts to use an adipose tissue to create free space and fill it with a healthy one. As the result, it brings metabolism regulation, stamina increasing, muscular tissue safeness, power index increase.

Pills can’t be such effective without this element because it brings a kind of stabilization for every turf of the body.

Ginkgo Biloba (Maidenhair tree)

This ingredient is an important part too. Element for pill’s composition was discovered after its leaves research. People discovered that its extract could create amazing support. The effect is possible by the blood circulation increasing. It is a kind of inhibitor, which creates additional stimulation on the cardiovascular system.

As the result, all tissues are getting nutrition in the healthiest way and they become protected from any possible damage.


This element is the most interesting one because it is a rare case when its possible to find it in a pill’s composition (in smart pill composition too). Our composition includes it because it is impossible to create support in every side of memory appearance without its properties. For example, on the base of phosphatidylserine, it is possible to create fast repairing of stamina and energetic functions of our body. It means that tiredness and the time for rest could be decreased. It brings additional support for neuronal cells and their cover.

The effect can be compared with glue because it helps to erase all distances which could influence fast reaction.


This element is possible to get from Huperzia serrate herbs. Main effect – neuronal chains supporting. The element is popular in different pills, which were created for Alzheimer disease treatment. Main medical property – increase acetylcholine dose in blood.

As the result, cells gets protection from stress and other possible interventions.


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I had a mental disorder and problems with my heart. Brain booster is the only treatment which is safe to use in my condition. And I want to say that there are no regrets at all! I love it!

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Found them online. Composition was absolutely lovely and as I found one week later, effect was the same. Now I want to say to everyone – don’t be afraid of being yourself.

Anwara Kleine
IntelleGeniX™ is a real nootropic breakthrough which can help you get the perfect result in all life areas

It is easy to see the difference. From the first day of use, your life quality will get a new direction. It means that every side of your daily routine is going to improve. On the base of memory enhancement, smartness and even mental reaction speed increasing, it is possible to impove everything. For example, let us explain – when you are inspired, when there is no tiredness and every word could turn into a new idea, it is possible to create a masterpiece from nothing. Pill activates all zones of your brain and you will not get tired so easily anymore. No more spots in your memory, no more losing and even if something, what you prefer to change would appear, now you will know the perfect way.


Our product is a high-quality pill on the base of natural ingredients. We have an opportunity to give you guarantee for quality because we respect your choice. There are no doubts in product quality because every piece of the possible reaction was observed under the control of independent groups of specialists.

The main cause of guarantee is herbal structure and high-quality equipment. We work only with the special raw materials and all steps of their preparation are under control. It means that we can be sure that all the steps were done well (to make the real limitless pill, just like it was in the movie).

Purchase IntelleGeniX™ nootropic over the counter today and it will be the start of your new perfect way!

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It is a herbal treatment which could bring your brain a new life. Its 100% natural treatment which is based on the safe policy. Every single component has the herbal nature.

So, we can say that this is a breakthrough which was given to us by nature.

You should expect that your mind, body and even thoughts are going to be changed in the most correct way. Now you could improve memory without consequence.

Every side of your life is going to be improved and it would lead to the increasing of your life status.

Every single bottle includes 60 nootropic pills which could be formed into 30 portions. Two pills daily before breakfast.

Practice showed that in case of following the instruction there are no side effects.

We are talking about 100% natural components and their combination helps to keep control even in overdose situation.

In case if your body accepts the freshness which coffee brings to you, practice shows that there are no problems (even in focus booster area). But you should know that a pill in pair with coffee is a double influence on your cardiovascular system and that’s why you should keep the dose, according to the recommendations.

Anyways, it is possible to try mixing them, but in case if you felt something wrong, you should stop drinking coffee.

It was invented to make your life better day after day. It means that there is nothing wrong in daily use. But there is one recommendation – you should select one day per week for rest.

It could help to keep your health in tonus and avoid habits creation.

All information regarding contacting us you can find on the customer page on our website.

It is a perfect example when a product on the base of customer’s trust reached the heights. It means that trust is something that appeared on the basis of people’s choice and gets the protection without side interventions. Perfect results and safeness - are the main parts of our work which brings us inspiration to work hard. As the result, every single day is not another chance to sell the same product - it is a newborn for mood and mind enhancement.