Privacy Policy
Customer definition data

Every customer should know that all order data stays inside our database. Every piece of information could be used only inside our work process and leakage is impossible. We respect your right to privacy and that’s why we are getting the responsibility about every contact data sharing.

It is possible to get order without certain data

If you prefer to keep your personal data away from sharing, it is always possible to use your work address or similar ways which could play the role of address for delivery.

Few words about COOKIES

You should know that our policy on the base of COOKIES could provide us with information for our work goals. We can’t get your private data and that’s why you shouldn’t be worried about this point. Everything our resource could use – your web inquiries.

Every piece of information is under protection

We understand that in case where you shared your information, it is important to be sure that it would never get into the arms of wrong people. The best way to avoid it is the use of the most effective web protection on the base of special services. Our code, which we use as the way of information sharing inside the company, couldn’t be detected. So, even if someone will ever get it, there is no way to uncover the real data.

When we can share your data

This is possible only in cases when we are talking about crime. It means that policy should have an order for arrest or another certain document which could give them agreement for withdrawal.

Changes in policy: are they possible or not

In fact, changes are possible, because sometimes we need to get additional support. But anyway, even the smallest change will be done only after customer’s agreement and their notifying about that.

What do you need to do for acceptation

You should read all the rules and if something brings you questions, it is always possible to get the answers from support service.

Where you can find us
It is possible to get consultation here: